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The PulsusEdit™ advantage at a glance

PulsusEdit™ specializes in high-quality editing of medical research manuscripts.
Our editors, who have themselves been published in reputable journals, are well suited and trained to bring out the best in your manuscript with their strong scientific backgrounds and extensive editing experience. A large, global client base has been developed based on their focus on excellence.

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Since founded in 1984, Pulsus Group has remained faithful to its commitment to publish world-class, peer-reviewed medical publications that are both respected by physicians and researchers, and endorsed by Canadian medical societies. As a result of this commitment, Pulsus Group has become an essential part of the international medical landscape by providing a vehicle for scientific dissemination - a process that is critical to the research cycle. Pulsus Group publishes a wide range of peer-reviewed journals with a focus on academic integrity. The option to publish open access content while retaining liberal copyrights make Pulsus Group's journals a preferred outlet for scientific researchers.

The same attention to detail that is used in editing Pulsus Group's well-known and respected journals will be devoted to your manuscript. Every member of the PulsusEdit™ team is educated and trained in Canada and capable of modifying your manuscript according to American or British English requirements. Moreover, the editors are experienced in working with authors whose native language is not English.

True to our mission statement we work to publish, promote and disseminate the work of medical researchers in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards in research integrity. Let us help make your work shine!

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